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I just submitted a piece called "Glimmer of hope." I'm not quite sure still how the voucher system works, but I hope someone does. If not so be it I guess.

The night before last my scanner suddenly started grinding
Text box pops up : "The carriage Unit is locked."

I have a fairly nice semi-old Epson, from what I researched its most likely the belt came loose. I'm not sure if theres somewhere I can send it for repair, or better yet a way to open and fix it myself since I see the belt is loose.

Any helpful suggestions would be golden!

Computer is fixed finally!

2008-11-25 18:15:06 by hellsorb

It took a long time Best Buy sent it out twice, and finally replaced the motherboard. So its working good again other than its weird complex with doing updates. Vista.. meh. ;D

Sadly my computer is broken

2008-09-02 13:58:15 by hellsorb

After my move I hooked up my computer and it crashed, now all it does is beep, I have unplugged it to reset it, but its still not working so my movie is on hold till I get to Bestbuy to fix it. I'm on a campus computer right now. I hate not being able to work on it!

Working on new movie!

2008-07-01 01:26:14 by hellsorb

I'm going to challege myself to a frame by frame with my new Bamboo Fun tablet. Things are about to get very interesting in this one if I can pull it off. (I'm sure I can!) I love animating, I've always been passionate about animation. As I get more tools my capiblities also rise.

We are planing to move to South Dakota soon, It will be nice to get away from the crammed tourist trap sensation. I miss the snow too, since I used to live in Wisconsin. I'm so tired and not looing forward to the 4th of July because I have to work.

I finished my first movie!

2008-05-04 16:38:36 by hellsorb

My movie set in the future, its about a newly joined hyena rookie officer whos joined the PC Squad, police organization. She feels kinda a fish out of water about living in the computer run American city.

The City is run by JeEVEz a futurist super computer, it controls the magnetic hoverways, as well as little things like the lights in buildings by laguage recognition. There are flying vechiles, my sister inspired the sphere wheels.

Just wait till I finish the next one, our girl at gun point, is she in mortal danger?

Work in progress

2008-03-03 08:24:45 by hellsorb

I'm working on a movie about my anthro police officers in the P.C. Squad. I'm hoping to finish my first movie before I go to college again for the summer. I'm doing pretty well and I've improved alot during the project, so much so I'm going to have to edit some of the early parts because they are unacceptable to me now.

A new female officer has joined the squad, she feels like a fish out of water in the squad or the tech controled metropolis for that matter. A city all run by a computer system called "Jeeves" with his back up sister computer.

It doesn't take long for her to go from the frying pan to the fire with her headstrong nature.

Anouncement: I need voice actors very badly to finish my first flash, I'd do my own if my mic would work with my newer computer. I'd be grateful. ^^