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Entry #6

I decided to upload some art here/ scanner belt problem.

2009-09-13 17:15:10 by hellsorb

I just submitted a piece called "Glimmer of hope." I'm not quite sure still how the voucher system works, but I hope someone does. If not so be it I guess.

The night before last my scanner suddenly started grinding
Text box pops up : "The carriage Unit is locked."

I have a fairly nice semi-old Epson, from what I researched its most likely the belt came loose. I'm not sure if theres somewhere I can send it for repair, or better yet a way to open and fix it myself since I see the belt is loose.

Any helpful suggestions would be golden!


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2009-09-28 02:01:59

cool pictures, they all have this neopets feel to them :D

hellsorb responds:

Thank you!
Neopets? Well I've never heard that one before! XD